The client acknowledges that PETER ALEXANDER EDGERTON with NIE x3405414b (hereinafter THE COMPANY) is the owner of the information provided. The client agrees to use the information received, considered confidential, only for their own purposes and not to distribute or reproduce, in whole or in part, and in any way, said information.


  1. The client irrevocably accepts the General Conditions of Sale and Delivery, as well as the particular conditions, even if they are in contradiction with the general and particular conditions of the client.
  2. The general and particular conditions of the client do not bind THE COMPANY, unless THE COMPANY has expressly recognized them in writing.
  3. It will be presumed that any person acting on behalf of the client, be it a manager, a collaborator, etc., is a representative of the client and has sufficient powers to act as such and bind him/her.
  4. Intermediaries, agents or technicians of THE COMPANY are not authorized to carry out acts that bind it, unless their offers are confirmed in writing by THE COMPANY who reserves the right to cancel final orders without their confirmation. >


  1. The offers and price lists are purely indicative, and THE COMPANY reserves the right to modify said prices without prior notice. Orders will be accepted subject to a possible variation in price.
  2. The prices do not include transport costs, taxes, VAT or supplementary fees, which will be borne by the customer, except when expressly indicated otherwise. In the invoice that THE COMPANY issues, the rate in force at the time of supply will be taken as a basis, regardless of the price indicated previously.


  1. The deadlines for the delivery of the material are merely informative, not being binding for THE COMPANY.
  2. Unless expressly agreed in writing with THE COMPANY, the client will not have the right to request the cancellation of an order or any compensation in case of delay in the delivery of the Product due to circumstances beyond the control of THE COMPANY.
  3. The customer may not refuse to pay the price of the products already delivered when THE COMPANY supplies an order partially.
  4. The risk for loss and/or damage is transferred to the Customer from the moment the merchandise is shipped to the Customer.
  5. The customer has a return period of 15 days from the date of purchase. In that case, THE COMPANY, upon receipt of the returned product, will pay the customer the net amount paid for the product and taxes.


It is essential that at the time of receipt of the merchandise, any incident that may exist regarding the state of the same, the packaging or the number of packages is indicated on the delivery note (of the carrier or of THE COMPANY) and that, in addition, This incident is communicated by fax or email to THE COMPANY within a maximum period of 48 hours from receipt of the material to the customer service department.


  1. When THE COMPANY acts as an intermediary, the guarantee that covers the Product delivered to the Client is limited to that extended by the manufacturer. This guarantee only covers the physical imperfections of the material support.
  2. The guarantee applies as long as the Product delivered to the Customer is used under normal operating conditions described in catalogues, instructions and manuals. In no case is it guaranteed that the Product is suitable to respond to a particular problem of the user.
  3. THE COMPANY is not obliged to indemnify the user or third parties for the consequences of the use of the product, whether direct or indirect damages, accidents suffered by people, damage to goods not related to the product, loss of profit or loss of profit, damage that come or come from a deterioration, or loss of data recorded by the user.


If the client proves the existence of a breach or defective performance of the Contract attributable to THE COMPANY, it is expressly agreed that the responsibility of THE COMPANY will be limited to the return of the amount paid by the client (derived interest, if any). ) and the acceptance of the return of the product that was the reason for the breach, thus terminating the sales contract.


  1. The invoices issued by THE COMPANY for the supplied products will be sent to the Client at the time of delivery of the Products.
  2. Invoices are payable in cash, net and without discount unless otherwise indicated.
  3. The amounts that are delivered in advance will always be considered given on account of the order. In no case will deposits be considered, so the waiver by the Client of the advanced amounts does not release him from the obligations assumed under this contract.
  4. The payment of the invoice will in no case be subject to the installation or start-up of the Products.


  1. As long as the Customer has not fully paid the price and all the amounts due as a result of the sale, the Product will be considered property of THE COMPANY, with all the inherent rights. The Client will be considered the depositary of the Products and must store them separately, clearly identifying them.
  2. If at the expiration of any term the Client does not make the amount effective, THE COMPANY may choose between demanding the immediate payment of all the installments due and to expire, or terminate the contract and withdraw the Products held by the Client, without obligation of reimbursing any amount received that will be for the benefit of THE COMPANY. as compensation for breach of contract, without prejudice to compensation for damages caused to THE COMPANY that it may claim.
  3. If prior to the total payment of the Products, the Client is subject to any embargo or blockage in his assets, in the embargo diligence he will expressly state that they are the property of THE COMPANY. If, despite this, they are seized, it will facilitate the exercise, by THE COMPANY, of the relevant domain third party, whose expenses will be borne by the Client.
  4. The client, in addition to the special affectation to the fulfillment of his obligations, established on the Products that are sold, will respond to them with all his other assets.


The law applicable to these general conditions of sale, as well as to any controversy related to this contract, will be Spanish law. b. Any controversy arising from this contract will be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the registered office of THE COMPANY.